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 Functional Role: Field Technician

The purpose of MS field technician functional role is to perform the following field activities: corrective and preventive maintenance, planned work as well as provisioning of Multi-Customer, Multi Technology networks. 


The respective responsibilities of Field Technician-Active are described below:

  • The Field Technician is working with Service/Resource layer activities associated to Infrastructure and Readiness-Fulfillment and Assurance.
  • The Field Technician is responsible for the On-site Field Operations activities of the services(s) and/or resource elements in the Network, within his/her Functional Skill(s).
  • The Field Technicians shall be aware of contractual SLA requirements on a customer by customer basis; Achieve correct level of first time resolution of work within contract SLA and be commited to strive and complete all work assigned within SLA timescales and to adhere to established procedures and quality standards.
  • The field Technician shall support and co-operate with all internal/external customers and the general public in an exemplary manner
  • The Field Technicians shall participate in a 24 x 7 x 365 callout rota, and they have to work out of hours/out of area to support reactive and planned work requests.
  • Field Technicians works under guidance of MS Engineer and/or MS Technicians and follows pre-prepared Work Instructions, Procedures and/or routines and also demonstrate proactive self-development in order to ensure ability to work across multiple customer networks and equipment.
  • Field Technician replaces faulty assets in the network equipments, fills in the trouble reports and sends the faulty spares to the repair centers.
  • Field Technician shall keep the Client’s assets such as tools, test equipments and car in good working order during their work period.
  • Field Technician shall do travel expenses and time reporting according to local policies
  • Field Technician shall comply with the Client/Customer’s Health and Safety policy at all times (dependant upon which policy is the most stringent). They shall wear all appropriated safety garments and gadgets when required. .


Main Activities

The main activities for the field technician are the following:
Field Technician on site activities:

  • Corrective: Correction of faults in the network based on priority (SLA contracts) Correction activities cannot be planned.
  • Preventive Maintenance, Preventive maintenance tasks to be performed in the network according to agreed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) Preventive maintenance can be planned fully in advance
  • Provisioning (installation & integration), Pre-defined and pre-priced, standard tasks. Based on a number of specified types of activities Can be planned in advance (Days, weeks).
  • Planned work, Planned corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance outside agreed schedule performed in the network and can be planned in advance.


Competence Requirements
All Field Engineers in FSO are required to have the ability to climb towers as a pre-requisite for recruitment. It is required to have both passive and active competence preferably for multivendor equipment.