Welcome to Phillips Outsourcing

 We work in all major sectors of the economy and have consultants who have requisite sector experience. 

Foluso Phillips - CEO

Phillips Outsourcing Services Nigeria Limited is one of the fastest growing outsourcing companies in Nigeria and emerging as a regional world-class brand. We specialize in Personnel Outsourcing, Function Outsourcing, Vehicle Outsourcing and Revenue Assurance.

Since inception, our innovative solutions have earned us the trusted business partner and employer of choice for businesses looking to "differentiate at the front" and "standardise at the core". Through highly experienced professionals with value-added advantage and cost-effective platforms, we meet clients business requirements professionally, while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Our knack for excellent service delivery has helped us to evolve and deploy numerous outsourcing solutions and processes customised to clients' environment and needs. These have continued to ensure their market leadership in a highly competitive market as their resources are well-optimized and strategically implemented.

We owe our strength to our people--a select team of totally committed staff & consultants, who understand the clients and constantly engage with them to proffer relevant solutions. We leverage our employees' varied skills to ensure our clients achieve and exceed their goals of business growth and success.

Phillips Outsourcing views every opportunity with the lens of a long lasting partnership. Our clients are the very reason we exist and achieve. Our employees’ success is measured by the client's accomplishment. At Phillips Outsourcing, we drill down to the details at every stage, connect with our stakeholders, and regularly revisit the items in our critical path.