Phillips Outsourcing Limited

Personnel Outsourcing

Personnel Outsourcing

Our personnel outsourcing service is designed to provide you with convenience while you focus on the core of your business to scale faster and achieve your mission.

We help you achieve the flexibility to manage your business processes, access top talents at value for money, invest time and other resources usually spent on none core functions into other mission critical areas of your enterprise.

Operations and Administrative Staff Outsourcing. 

We help you source and select the best fit staff for your business, manage their payroll and replace them if any of them had to leave.

Sales Force Outsourcing. 

We boast an “army” of sales executives and agents that will support your business and grow your profits

Telecommunications and IT Staff Outsourcing.

We serve major telecommunications firms in Nigeria, providing them with Field Technical Workforce and Highly Experienced Telecoms Network and IT Professionals

Experienced and Senior Staff Outsourcing.

You can gain the benefits of cross industry experience and a lean workforce when we help you recruit and manage experienced hands and senior team members

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