Phillips Outsourcing Limited

Services for Businesses

Our list of services covers all you'll need for effective business management

Personnel Outsourcing

Our Temp Staffing solution helps organizations respond swiftly to demands in the marketplace.

HR Outsourcing

HR functions such as Employee relationship management, HR Tax support work, Performance Management, Welfare Management, Talent Development, etc. will be handled by our team.

Background Checks and Verification

Our team of experts will help you uncover the truth about your customers, potential hires and thereby eliminate unnecessary risks to your business.

Accounting Services

We help organizations reconcile complicated accounting processes, prepare financial statements, and books of accounts.

Payrolling Services

We ensure your staff are paid on time and in compliance with statutory requirements.

Expense Management

We help you oversee and manage your project expenses, office running costs, reimbursable payments, employees’ salaries, allowances, bonuses and other expenses you incur.

Facility Rental Service

Hire the right people at the right cost for your business to succeed


Hire the right people at the right cost for your business to succeed


Ensure increased productivity by upskilling your workforce.

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