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It is no longer news that the outbreak of Covid-19 caught us all off-guard and we are still experiencing the substantial impact. Around the world, some countries are currently experiencing the third wave of the pandemic and have locked down their economy as a result. Here in Nigeria, we are experiencing the second wave which is believed is more devastating than the first.  The Federal government is contemplating a second lockdown if the situation grows worse than it is already.

According to Nairametrics, while some businesses were forced to shut down, many businesses had to change their strategy in order to adjust to the new normal. “The future of works” which has been theorized and sung over the years is already here with us, but little have we realized this fact.

In a bid to keep afloat and increase productivity, many organizations are exploring innovative ways to realign their organizational structure and operations.  Now, we have employees working remotely, a situation that has come to stay.  While this has been promising, it also comes with its own challenges. Employees tend to be largely distracted while working from home and the level of engagement might be low. Some are being psychologically and financially affected by this pandemic.

These factors reduce employee engagements and productivity. Hence, companies need to focus more on implementing their employee reward and recognition programmes intensively this period.

Employee rewards and recognition are often used interchangeably but are undoubtedly intertwined because they are intended to achieve the same goal. That said, smallbusiness.chron.com  says that the importance of rewarding employees in an organization is that it spurs people to work harder. As a result, it increases engagement, boosts morale, increases productivity, enhances employee retention and reduces turnover.

When you make your employees feel appreciated beyond the compensation or merit salary received, it boosts their trust in the organization and motivates them to engage more especially during this pandemic. A survey by SHRM/Globoforce in 2015 shows that 90% of respondents say their recognition programmes have a positive impact on their motivation and engagement levels. 

  1. Face-To-Face Recognition 

Since some employees work remotely, face-to-face recognition can be done by organizing virtual face-to-face meet ups via platforms like zoom, Microsoft teams, google hangout, skype.  

  1. Recognize and praise on public platforms 

With the advent of technology, there are several online or social media platforms which you can use to publicly recognize your employees for their stellar performance.  

  1. Purchase them lunch 

While your employees work from home, you can reward them by ordering them lunch or appetizers.  

  1. Give them gift cards 

Reward your employees with gift cards because they tend to prefer gift cards to cash for recognition because cash will eventually be spent.  

  1. Gamification 

Via gamification, you can select a suitable employee recognition software to use where employees can gain points, win virtual medals, top leaderboards, making work both fun, rewarding and productive. 

  1. Peer-To-Peer Recognition 

Provide platforms where peers and colleagues can recognize each other’s achievements. 

  1. Professional Development 

You can as well reward your employees by giving them access to discounted or free virtual courses for their career and professional development. 

  1. Offer flexibility 

Make working hours flexible for your employees because due to the stay-at-home measures, they will have extra responsibilities like childcare. 

  1. Financial incentives 

To relieve employees of the financial burden caused by the pandemic, you can reward them with financial incentives. 

  1. Socialize virtually 

Provide your employees the opportunity to get-together, connect and socialize informally via virtual platforms. 

Implementing your employee reward and recognition programmes can be quite tasking and daunting this pandemic coupled with the fact that new structures should be set up. That’s why, we at Phillips outsourcing services Nigeria limited are here for you. We have closely monitored the pandemic and have been able to develop effective strategies and measures to assist you with your employee reward and recognition programmes. Our globally trained workforce and technology are here to ensure that your employees work optimally and be fully engaged despite working remotely. Why not outsource your employee reward and recognition programmes to us today? 


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