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Huawei Job fair held at Civic Centre Lagos, October 2022

CIPM National Convention

CIPM National convention help in Portharcourt, Nigeria, December 2022

Phillips Cup 2022

An Annual sporting event for Phillips Outsourcing staff.


See below a catalogue of our learnings under each category.


  • Our Leadership and Management training programmes are geared towards partnering with our clients in building formidable teams focused on value creation and development channeled at achieving organizational goals and success. ​
  • Our training solutions are designed to assist corporates in developing requisite leadership and management skills in their people such that results become inevitable.
  1. The Future of Work: Managing a Remote Workforce
  2. Leading for Creativity and Innovation 
  3. Leadership and Management Masterclass 
  4. Managing Employee Performance
  5. Strategy & Execution
  6. Leading Execution
  7. Leader With No Title
  8. Building and Developing Productive People 
  9. Personal Effectiveness: Enhancing Workplace Productivity 
  10. Coaching and Mentoring 
  11. Change Management for Strategic Thinkers 
  12. Leading Change Workshop 
  13. Effective Leadership Skills 
  14. Situational Leadership 
  15. Transformational Leadership 
  16. Executive Leadership: 360 Degree Assessment 
  17. Managing Generational Differences
  18. Strategic Crisis Management Training 
  19. Management Skills For First Line Managers
  20. Supervisory Management Skills
  21. Leadership And Crisis Management Skills Course
  22. Managing Remote Teams Effectively
  23. Effective Change Management And Result

  1. Personal Effectiveness: Work Fast, Think Smart from Home
  2. Work Etiquettes and personal discipline in a Virtual world 
  3. The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass
  4. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  5. Logical and Critical Thinking
  6. Courageous Followership
  7. Self-Management 
  8. Time Management Essentials 
  9. Workplace Etiquette 
  10. Advanced Business Communication Skills
  11. Microsoft Excel – Level I
  12. Microsoft Excel – Level II
  13. Microsoft Excel – Advanced
  14. Microsoft PowerPoint – Level I
  15. Microsoft PowerPoint– Level II
  16. Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced

  • Combining a deep understanding of markets, industries, and sectors in which our clients operate and expertise of our specialists, we deliver comprehensive learning solutions areas of finance and accounting. 
  • We engage with our clients to provide them with the required skills and competence to drive their financial reporting processes and ensure compliance with relevant financial reporting standards through our financial & reporting training offerings. 
  1. Macroeconomics & Global Finance
  2. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Advanced Class in Financial Reporting
  4. IFRS Masterclass
  5. Advanced Financial Instruments: IFRS 9 
  6. Expected Credit Loss Modeling
  7. Credit Control & Debt Management
  8. IFRS for Insurance: IFRS 17
  9. Ms. Excel Fundamentals
  10. Ms. Excel Advanced Class 1
  11. Ms. Excel Advanced Class 2
  12. Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling I 
  13. Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling II
  14. Basic Financial Modeling & Forecasting
  15. Finance and Accounting for non-finance professionals
  16. Treasury and Working Capital Management
  17. Fixed Asset Management
  18. Finance for Project Managers
  19. Budgeting, Accounting and Cost Control Virtual Training
  20. Effective administration of Salary and Payroll

The POLLAC customer service, sales and marketing trainings helps organizations develop strategies and skills required to meet the needs of todays consumers and engage them in order to drive sales. 

  1. Redefining customer Experience and Engagement in a Virtual World 
  2. The Psychology of Buyer Behaviour 
  3. Intensive Sales Skills for Sales Personnel  
  4. Telephone Etiquette/Call Centre Training 
  5. Effective Negotiation : Bargaining for Advantage 
  6. Influencing and Selling to all Personality types 
  7. Digital and Social Media Marketing
  8. Customer Service and Relationship Management Programme
  9. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  10. Sales Negotiation Strategies Training
  11. Sales And Marketing Management
  12. Developing Strategic Market Plans For Your Organization
  13. Digital Marketer Course
  14. Customer Service Excellence: How To Win And Keep Customers
  15. Customer Profiling Techniques And Procedures
  16. Strategies And Secrets Of Successful Sales Managers

Our HR management trainings supports businesses facilitating workshops aimed at driving ongoing global Human resource conversations and adapting them to the Nigerian climate. We focus on helping you develop human capabilities and strategies for attracting, developing, motivating, retaining and managing your most prized resource. 

  1. Employee Mental Health
  2. Compensation & Reward Essentials
  3. Payroll Management
  4. New Employee Onboarding
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Managing Difficult Staff Situations In Organizations
  7. Essential Management Skills For Admin Officers
  8. Effective Office Management And Administration Skills
  9. Competency-based Salary Structure Design And Development
  10. Employment Laws And Industrial Relations Practice In Nigeria
  11. Public Relations And Corporate Communications Skills
  12. For Hr Managers
  13. Effective Succession Planning And Development
  14. Hr Master Class On The Future Changes In Human Resources
  15. Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour And Attitudes 
  16. Discipline And Disciplinary Procedures In The Workplace 
  17. Hr Skills For Non-hr Professionals
  18. Monitoring And Evaluation Human Resources Department For Growth
  19. Transformational Leadership Skills For Human Resources And Administrative Personnel
  20. Essential Skills For Training And Development Manager
  21. Managing Human Resources In The Digital World
  22. Hr Analytics Course
  23. Advanced Selection, Interviewing And Recruitment Skills

  • Procurement & Supply Chain plays significant role in adding value to the organisation and positive impact on the profitability. The importance of the function has increased recognition from executive board of organisation across all industry. 
  • Hence, it is essential for organizations to have up to date knowledge especially for the people managing this functions to achieve competitive advantage in the highly competitive global market.
  1. Strategic Sourcing: The Effective Approach To Buying
  2. Mastering Supply Chain Management
  3. Purchasing And Vendor Management Skills
  4. Excellence In Warehouse And Inventory Management
  5. The Effective Buyer
  6. Supplier Performance: Ratings, Measurement And Evaluation
  7. Tendering, Procurement And Negotiation Skills
  8.  Logistics And Distribution Management
  9. Mastering Warehouse Mechanics
  10.  Conducting Effective Stock And Inventory Cycle Counting
  11. Stock Control And Inventory Management
  12. Global Supply Chain Management: Best Practices In Import And Export Operations
  13. Stock Taking Skills And Stock Valuation
  14. Management Skills For Warehouse Supervisors
  15. Purchasing And Stock Fraud: Detection, Avoidance And Control
  16. Stock Taking And Stock Reconciliation

  1. First Aid
  2. Mental health and well being
  3. Stress Management
  4. Overall health of the working individual
  5. Management of common chronic ailments

Expertise We Offer


Digital banking solutions

Online trading

Exchange platforms

Exchange engineering

Bitcoin apps development

Money transaction platforms

Transaction engineering

Maintenance of services


Modernization of services

Blockchain solutions

Financial web

Mobile apps development



Risk Assessment

Personalized assessments


Client transparency

Bring banks to our home

Fraud detection

Unlock data insights

Complex financial risks

Speed up payments

Speed up reduce costs

Deliver industry-leading service

What we are offering

Our training programs emanate from our dedication for continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Here at POLAC, good is not good enough! We aim to be the best at what we do – providing clients with complete and bespoke solutions, built on a sound understanding of the clients’ business needs.

Our training are curated to empower your staff to solve problems

Problem Solving

Our learning solutions are designed to solve business problems. We partner with and engage our clients in developing competencies that deliver the kind of results they desire for their businesses and people.

we have Experience training faculties

Experience Faculty

Our Academy Faculty is made up of subject matter experts and industry veterans who impact skills and competencies from a depth and wealth of experience. You can be rest assured that your team is in great hands at our academy.

Raw Spreads

Technology can be complicated, but we have seen it all before and can help you.

State of the Art

We have a proven process to help you move your business forward.

No Dealing Desk

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow.

New Consumer Markets

FinTech is enabling financial services providers to explore new markets and allowing consumers in areas where options were few to access services previously unavailable, through the use of mobile devices.

While advancements in the area of FinTech have been happening at lightning speed, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible and likely to happen in the next few years. It is no exaggeration to say that FinTech is literally changing our lives and habits by making it easy to trade, bank, and exchange money without the need for physical human interaction.

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