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Huawei Job Fair Lagos

The 21st century marked a historic period of rapid evolution in ICT; little wonder it is dubbed the information or digital age. Our world now revolves around ICT and no doubt, ICT has contributed to human development and economic growth. In Nigeria, it appears that we haven’t even scratched the surface. However, Phillips Outsourcing is motivated to change that narrative by promoting the development of ICT, empowering young ICT talents and giving them a chance to build a career.

As a result, Phillips Outsourcing in partnership with Huawei organized another job fair to spot the Elon Musks and Mark Zuckerbergs of Nigeria. After a successful job fair held in Abuja a few months back, Lagosians were allowed to showcase their ICT talents as well. The event took place on the 4th of October 2022 at the Civic Centre, Lekki, Lagos. Thousands of participants present were interviewed and coached by our recruitment specialists.

Indeed, the future of ICT in Nigeria and Africa is bright and Phillips Outsourcing is already leading the way in discovering ICT talents.


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